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1 in 15 people will attempt suicide in their lifetime.

Conversations Save Lives

This World Suicide Prevention Day, find out how you can support yourself or someone at risk of suicide.

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Every 90 minutes, someone in the UK takes their own life. Together, we can help prevent suicide

One in five people think about killing themselves in their lifetime – one in fifteen attempt doing so. Each suicide is a complex and personal tragedy which devastates those left behind. But there is hope. You can help save lives by talking openly and honestly about suicide. Together, we can help prevent suicide – we just have to ask.

Are you worried about someone? Ask: “I care about you – are you thinking about suicide?”

Need support? Ask: “I’m really struggling at the moment – can you help me?”

When you ask someone about suicide, you show that you care. You give them an opportunity to talk openly and start turning towards safety. You can connect them with a network of support, such as friends, family and professional caregivers. When you ask for help, you give yourself a turning point. You allow yourself to get out from underneath overwhelming thoughts and feelings, and become safe for now. Asking for support can help you feel that people do care and there is hope.

We know that talking openly about suicide prevents deaths by suicide. That’s why we just need to ask.

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Anthony Burrill

With your support, #AskNowSaveLives will help prevent suicide

For World Suicide Prevention Day 2020, Grassroots Suicide Prevention has teamed up with renowned graphic artist and screen printer Anthony Burrill to launch a new digital and T-shirt campaign: Ask Now Save Lives. Anthony combines simplicity with craft skills and powerful, positive messages. He’s collaborated with forward-thinking projects across music, architecture, education, and more. Now, we’ve joined forces to launch this life-saving campaign.

We can all do something about suicide

How can you help? You can help support our work and save lives in lots of ways.

1. Donate to our campaign or buy one of our AskNowSaveLives T-shirts: We use your donations to fund vital suicide prevention training, distribute life-saving resources to thousands of people, and encourage open conversations about suicide.

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2. Spread the word: Share a photo of you in our T-shirt or our premade asset (download at bottom of page) on social media using #AskNowSaveLives. Help widen the message that we can all help save lives by asking.

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3. Download the StayAlive app: StayAlive is a suicide prevention resource full of useful information and tools to help you stay safe in crisis. You can use it if you are having thoughts of suicide or if you are concerned about someone else who may be considering suicide.

More about the Stay Alive app

4. Attend one of our training courses, either in person or virtually: We deliver a range of lifesaving training courses, teaching you how to become ready, willing, and able to support someone at risk. 75% of participants use their new skills to support someone within 6 months of the training.

Our training courses

5. Watch our Real Talk About Suicide interactive film: Real Talk About Suicide is an interactive film which helps guide the viewer, as they make choices to support someone with suicidal thoughts and behaviours.

Interactive film

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Ask Now Save Lives print by Anthony Burrill
Screenprint by Anthony Burrill

About the t-shirt


Produced by our friends at Teemill, the t-shirts are made with certified organic cotton, renewable energy and are designed to be remanufactured over and over. Because they’re printing on demand, one at a time, seconds after they’re ordered online, there is no waste. It’s designed out of the product life cycle. Teemill are part of the world’s first circular economy for fashion.

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We’ve made an image that you can share on your social media accounts to support this campaign. Download our promotional artwork.

Ask Now Save Lives. Find out how you can help keep yourself and others safe from suicide. Grassroots - preventing suicide together.
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