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Today, 400 people in the UK will attempt suicide – 18 will die.

Conversations Save Lives

You can keep yourself and others safe from suicide

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Every 90 minutes, someone in the UK takes their own life. But together, there is hope.

Talk openly and honestly about suicide. Learn how to recognise and support people at risk. Ask for support if you need it.

Together, we will help prevent suicide.

How you an save lives

With our help, you can save lives. Help more people get the skills and confidence they need to prevent suicide.

Buy an Ask Now Save Lives t-shirt, tote, mug, or signed print – free suicide prevention guide with every order

Share a photo of you on social media with #AskNowSaveLives – help others become lifesavers

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Learn more. Help more.

Learn how to recognise and support someone at risk.

72% of people we train use their new skills to support someone within 6 months of the course.

Online and in-person options available.

Support in your pocket.

Our award-winning StayAlive app is free to download. It can help you keep yourself and others safe from suicide.

You can use it if you are having thoughts of suicide or if supporting someone in crisis. or download free:

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