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Why does our work matter?

  • In the UK, 1 in 5 people think about suicide in their life
  • 1 in 15 people will attempt suicide in their life

We believe:

  • We can all make a difference.
  • Recovery from suicidal thoughts and suicidal behaviours is possible.
  • Suicide can be prevented through open and direct conversations. We call this Real Talk.
  • Conversations save lives.

Many of you have supported our work and raised awareness of suicide prevention by:

  • Donating
  • Coming to an event
  • Fundraising
  • Sponsoring a community course or places

We are grateful for all of the wonderful support we receive from our communities.

Scroll down to find out how you can contribute to our vital work…

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12 hour charity stream
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Your Impact

Every year your donations to our work contribute towards:

  • Delivering life-saving suicide prevention training to over 1,000 people, teaching the skills and confidence needed to save lives
  • Innovative and thought-provoking suicide prevention campaigns help us reach out to more people nationwide, reducing the stigma and helping to get people talking
  • Pioneering suicide prevention digital technology and discovering new ways to connect and support you better

We’re lean and keen

At Grassroots Suicide Prevention we’re small on numbers but huge on passion and commitment. That way, we make sure the money you raise gets right into the heart of our community suicide prevention work.

Donate today at

Donating via JustGiving is fast and secure.

5 pounds can cover the distribution cost of life-saving resources
25 pounds can cover the cost of essential Real Talk session materials
60 pounds can cover the cost of a community resource on suicide prevention training

Fun day race
Kanzi gig

Come to an event

You can support our vital work by coming to one of the events that are raising awareness of suicide prevention whilst fundraising for us in Brighton, Sussex and beyond. Some events are organised by us, and some by our wonderful supporters.

  • Gigs
  • Fun days
  • World Suicide Prevention Day events (10 September each year)
  • Coffee mornings and cake sales
  • Art events
  • And more…

For details of upcoming events, check our Events page And while you’re there, we’d love you to follow us, if you don’t do so already!

View our Events page

Run your own fundraising event

If you’d like to support us and raise awareness by holding your own event for Grassroots, please read our fundraising pack and get in touch.

Get our Fundraising Pack (PDF)

10 fundraising ideas

  1. Give It Up… Get sponsored to give up a daily beverage, food, or activity for a month or more – maybe chocolate, shaving, social media, smoking or alcohol to name a few.
  2. Mark World Suicide Prevention Day… This day occurs on the 10 September each year. Why not mark it with friends, family or use it to raise awareness at the office?
  3. Top Host… organise a coffee morning with cakes, a cheese and wine evening, or a film night with your friends, family and colleagues.
  4. Sweepstake… 50/50 for the winner and Grassroots. You can do this for any large sporting event or even a reality TV show, and get the whole office involved
  5. Marathon run or walk… sign up to a local marathon and ask for sponsorship. Races start from 5K to a full marathon, choose your distance and start training.
  6. Cycle or swim… take on a cycling or swimming challenge and ask for sponsorship.
  7. Donate as you buy… every time you purchase something on Amazon or eBay you can leave a gift for Grassroots. Search for ‘Grassroots Suicide Prevention’ on the checkout page.
  8. Ditch the cards… Instead of birthday presents or cards ask for donations to support a lifesaving cause.
  9. Sponsored Paw-a-thon… getting all the Doggie-lovers together for a sponsored walk is a great way to have a catchup and stretch your legs.
  10. Themed parties… Gather your friends and family and host themed parties for Christmas, Halloween, Bonfire Night or even a summer barbecue.

“I am doing a 40-race challenge over 20 months to raise money for local suicide prevention work. Suicide is everyone’s business because it can affect anyone at any time with devastating consequences. It can be preventable if a person in need gets help at the crucial time. Many people perceive this to be a sensitive topic but try not to let that be a barrier. Mental health is just as important as physical health and we all need to talk about it.”

Raquel, Supporter

Get our Fundraising Pack (PDF)

Fundraise for us on

Join the Grassroots Runners

We are always looking for new people to join the Grassroots Runners and help prevent suicide, be it your first 10k or 50th marathon. We have charity places available for events throughout the year, but also want to hear from you if you have bought an individual or ballot place for any events.

So, do something amazing for yourself and others by joining our Grassroots Runners. Get in touch and get running! You’ll thank yourself later.

Join The Team

Superheroes in costume
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The Warrior Dash
12 hour charity stream

If you’re a company, funding a safeTALK course or ASIST place for the community is a smart and compassionate way to give back and help fulfil your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

You’ll get a big thank you on our Facebook and Twitter feeds (we have lots of lovely followers!) plus an acknowledgement of your giving on this page.

To discuss community course or place sponsorship, please contact us at

Previous courses have been sponsored or fundraised by:

  • One Cent Call
  • James Mortimer in memory of DJ Pittsie
  • Dan Cowan
  • Allsorts/MindOut/Brighton & Hove LGBT Switchboard/Trans* Pride Brighton
  • Brighton Regency Round Table