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With our help, anyone can save lives. Help Grassroots give more people the skills and confidence they need to prevent suicide.

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Training people how to recognise and support someone at risk of suicide.

72% of participants use their skills to save someone’s life within 6 months.

Developing new digital tools, like the StayAlive app, to make people safer.

76% of at-risk users said the StayAlive app helped them stay safe from suicide.

Running national campaigns to help people talk openly about suicide.

Our Ask Now Save Lives campaign has so far reached thousands around the world.

Portrait of Chris with cartoon tower block in the background.

“The skills I learnt helped me save a close friend’s life”
Chris, Training Participant

Portrait of Ben with drawings of mobile phones in the background.

“The StayAlive app is a unique, lifesaving resource which helped me stay safe when I was feeling suicidal”
Ben, StayAlive app user

Suicide is an urgent health issue – but it is preventable

We must act now

Today, an estimated 400 people in the UK will attempt suicide. 18 will die.

ONS, 2015 & 2019

1 in 5 people think about suicide in their lifetime. 1 in 15 attempt.

APMS, 2014
McManus et al., 2016

On average, 1 suicide impacts 115 people’s lives, often severely and long-term.

Cerel et al., 2016

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With a little help from us, learn how to keep yourself an others safe from suicide.

Explore our training, StayAlive app, interactive film, and lifesaving resources.

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