Real Talk - conversations that save lives


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Role: Community member

Course length: 90 minutes

Key features:

  • Myth-busting facts about suicide
  • Improve your suicide alertness
  • How to begin talking about suicide
  • Connect with further help

Number of trainees: Up to 16

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Over 6,000 people took their own life in the UK in 2015.

Most people who die by suicide are not in contact with mental health services – they are right here in our community.

We developed the 90 minute Real Talk Workshop with real people in the community to help them talk openly and honestly about what is one of the most taboo subjects in the world today.

In fact, talking about suicide is the best way we know to prevent suicide.

We know this is something that people find hard to talk about. So the Real Talk Workshop offers an opportunity for people to gain the skills and confidence in talking about suicide and to start feeling comfortable with the language and the feelings that come up.

This takes courage – courage that we all have.

Real Talk makes it easier for you to help start conversations. Conversations that could quite literally make the difference between life and death.

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Upcoming Real Talk courses

Please note: The Real Talk events so far have been fantastic, and we want to keep improving. We’re currently developing the Real Talk workshop to make it even better. We will be hosting new sessions in the near future.

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